Friday, September 12, 2008

Kay... The hammocks were my favorite thing at our team meeting in Chinaulta - "warmER country" about an hour and a half out of Bogota (keep in mind it takes an hour to reach the edge of Bogota). Long story on why we went, but others liked the pool...
I took the pool pic so you could see the palms in the background - we don't have those in Bogota 'cause it's too cold. However, if the sun is out anywhere here it is INTENSE - we are high and close to the equator and let me say that, two weeks after this event, my arms are still peeling.

This first lovely people pic has a couple of my coworkers at El Otro Camino - I don't know if I can have as much fun as Liz and Adrian do!
The other folks are the "farm girls." Karisa and Jessica both serve some in long-term care and are two of my favorite people here.