Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hot Country

We went to Tierra Caliente.... I liked seeing the mountains, the clouds, the cows.... 

Check out the trees. The only place I could get a really good picture, but... the bigger tree is a coconut tree, the smaller platano (except not yet fruit bearing). And yes, the water slides at the motel were awesome!!!

And here's about half of those who went... 

Friday, April 10, 2009

Saturdays in CaZUca

At the end of the day... I find myself falling in love with yet more kids, esp. the 3 on this end. What a sweet, sweet family.

I've had the privilege of going two Saturdays to help with these sweet, needy kiddos. Take a wild guess and I bet you can figure out which day we did Jesus' entry into Jerusalem and which day we did salvation bracelets...

We haven't forgotten the childrens!!!

Ministry life does go on in the midst of all our fun. I'm not working in the Other Way anymore, but these pictures are too precious to not post! Now, the last two pictures are my little darlings....

My little "curso" has 5 if they all come - that is a rare day... the Lord knows what I can handle and there are days when 3 are a handful even if I happen to have the unusual blessing of an assistant! About the picture... let me add that the most peaceful moments in my room are when we are reading a story. They love the pictures, the story, sitting together, and correcting my bad Spanish.... :-)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

More things to see as you WALK in Bogota

The buildings are old, and they're cool. Do you know the first Colombian university was built just a few years before the U.S. was discovered?

The guards are on every corner, but only for the presidential palace do you find such splendor as this.... And the military police below are all around the government buildings.