Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Places I Go

A weekend at the farm is always fun, and the picnic was even better!
The girls enjoy the hammock...
Then we hiked UP to the cross on the hill (let me tell you, I'm going to have the lungs like feedsacks before I leave here). The camera batteries died, but on the way home, we also went to play in the river down below. These kids are tough; they begged to take their shoes off and wade! I kept my sweater on and held the little ones' hands.
What a contrast to the Other Way!
Down in the city where it seems the buildings will never end... This picture does NOT do justice to the number of people normally on the street. I'm really not sure when it could possibly have been taken!

Not everyone goes to Colombia!

So I'll try to let you see as much of this world as I can. Since it's rained 5 days and nights out of the last 6, there's not many photos from here, but I'll backtrack. Being technologically inept, I did NOT get these photos quite in order, but here goes!

Eating out here is definitely cheaper than in "the States." Crepes and Waffles is a strictly Colombian restaurant with good food, better ice cream, and an interesting story behind its foundation... By the way, I'm not in very many of these pictures because I'm TAKING them (sorry, but I haven't changed any so don't worry!)
One day, we went to Parque Chicaque - an hour to the outskirts of Bogota and 45 minutes or so to the drop-off point, from which we walked to the park entrance. It was good to be in fresh air! Anyway, Chicaque is a cloud park. This is the view from the entrance when we arrived at about 11 (I think). We hiked about halfway DOWN - straight down, then back UP - straight up.
This is the same view at about 4 when we reached the top. Now you know why it's called a cloud park.
We don't have very many of these IN Bogota, I think they need a little more heat. This... plant is much larger than I am!
This picture is on the way to the Chicaque entrance. If you squint you might be able to see the cows behind these folks. Those cows might have been quite ugly, but I was excited to get SO close!
And then, wonder of wonders, three hills covered with grass not trees. And there were horses you could rent to ride. We didn't, but I was tempted!
Hiking down the hill to Chicaque we went through everyone's picture of Colombia: wet, slick jungle - complete with vines to swing on and trees to climb.
This is halfway down. If we'd rolled off the rocks during our naps, we probably would've gotten hurt.
And, thankfully, the "Don't go" sign was not put up by God - we chose the wide trail to the left rather than the narrow way to which it pointed. :-)

Open the Eyes of Their Hearts Lord!

Nothing warms my heart more than to see a smile on the face of child who at first never smiled. Smile in Spanish is "sonrisa." The SON rising in the hearts of the children - how appropriate!
I'm glad elefante begins with e in both languages! And doubly glad one can be made with egg cartons!
Sitting is hard work - so counting to 10 deserves an active congratulations!
If I were a child, I'd much rather color the Colombian flag than any other. It's the three basic colors...