Friday, February 21, 2014

From a dream

My name is not Joseph(a) or Daniel(le)... I'm not a psychologist. Sometimes, though, my dreams are so vivid, so real, and I remember them so well, that I wonder if I'm supposed to learn something from them.

Last week I had many dreams, more than I've been having, and two, especially, were crystal clear even days afterward. One friend says I should check what I've been eating at bedtime :-), and there are certainly some real life events being played up, but I still think there is a lesson in one of those dreams....

I was at the Fuchs' house; so were several other people. We were looking for the cats. We'd find them, and they'd disappear again, going to the other side of the house, but never there when we arrived. Poco, the dog, was overly excited, bounding around, chasing the cats, jumping on us, and never stopping or sitting or staying as he was told. Every time I'd think I - or someone else - was going to catch him, he'd slip out of our fingers and continue.

I was under a lot of stress last week, in a lot of different situations. One is a ministry of sorts the Lord has given me and I've felt so helpless and confused as to what I could or should do. People, souls, are not easily turned.

I awoke from my dream still chasing cats and calling Poco, but as I awoke I said, out loud, "I'm just NOT in control!" and I was frustrated.

That, Lord, might have been Your Spirit. That is why I was under so much stress. That is why every situation and especially ministry leaves me feeling helpless and confused. "I'm just NOT in control!"

I'm not. He is. I sing "Whom Shall I Fear" almost constantly, reminding myself that "I know Who goes before me, I know Who stands behind, the God of angel armies is always by my side." And I hold on to His promises: Phil. 1:6, Rom. 8:28, Eph. 1 - not only for me, but for every person God puts in my path.

I'm not in control.