Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A History Lesson

Kay, this thing is in Istanbul. It's the "Obelisk of Theodisius," a huge pillar erected in 390 AD... which I knew nothing about 'til I looked it up (go google!) Anyway, it celebrates an Egyptian victory on the Euphrates River.
Hadrian's Gate is in the old city wall in Antalya, erected by the Emperor Hadrian in 130 AD...
This is the tile floor in the ruins of Perga. There's information about Perga in Acts 13 and 14 if anyone is wondering.
The Roman baths in Perga are someof the most well preserved and this was the wall on the far side of one of them.
This is a fountain honoring some goddess or famous Roman woman, used to channel the river water through the city walls and into Perga.

The Mona isn't in Bogota anymore...

So here are a few Turkey pics, with more to come shortly. It was interesting, but I don't think I want to do it again anytime soon. I dreamed I was on an airplane last night. Sigh.

I didn't have many opportunities to interact with the Turkish people because of the language barrier, but this young woman, Melis, is a sweet testimony of God's grace at work in the Turkish church - and of great effort in learning English!
Sir Francis Drake thought it was beautiful too. Antalya Bay - historically Attalya (sp?)...
10 lyra ($7.50). It wasn't really that exciting.
The free appetizer at one restaurant. It's mostly bread, but it's a lot!
The "Eye of Sophia" is the big building behind me. Once a church of the Ottoman Empire, it's the perfect example of the architecture in the many mosques that followed, and was actually used as a Mosque for a while, a church again later, and now a museum (in Istanbul).