Thursday, October 30, 2014

If/Then Statements

I can’t remember if the title was in my high school logic course or a workshop on teaching reading strategies, but “If/Then Statements” rings in my head, a concept I’ve not forgotten. Supposedly these statements were a way of thinking, that in a story or a situation, one needed to determine the logical end. 

So this summer I was visiting with one of my introverted friends, a friend who, like me, walks well on the outside and battles on the inside. This particular day, the discussion was forgiveness, and I tried to share the lessons God had taught me, tried to present the benefits of pursuing relationship despite offenses. I stumbled through my words, until suddenly something came out of my mouth that caused both of us to tear up and sit in silence.

If God is real... and He is.
And if He cares about you... and He does.

If/then. Those two principles are the basis of Christianity, aren’t they? That God is real? That He cares enough about you to be involved with your life? Cares enough to die?

If that is true, then what? We talk a lot about living the Christian life, but the truth is, that’s kind of a logical thing to do in itself; I mean, good morals create good lives and no one would argue that. 

But if it is true. If God is real. If He cares.

Then we trust when it hurts. We forgive when relationships seem impossible.  We serve for no reward. We press on when we’re weary. We love despite the risk of losing.

If God is real. And He is.
If He cares about you. And He does.



As I’ve pondered this principle, a song has played over and over in my mind. This year has been full of opportunities to love, to lose, to smile, to weep, and as I get older, I suspect those opportunities will become only more prevalent, yet I must consider: 

Everything good in life is given by His sacrifice/
I will give it all for Christ...

He’s not safe at all/He might let you fall
He’s not easy/but He’s good, He’s good, He’s good
He will take your time/He might feel unkind
He’s not easy/but He’s good.

-Sidewalk Prophets, Love’s Not Safe

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Emiel Ross said...

Love it!! Succient and meaningful as always.